Convert website visitors into paying customers!

We offer simple and operant tools to increase the number of customers from the website. Evaluation of the visitors’ behavior on the website, timely calls, gathering of contact details, and interaction with leads result in a sales’ boost by 25-30% and a cutback in the advertising budget.


Profit Growth Tools

Automate business processes. Evaluate the behavior on the website. Structure the interaction according to the lead's behavior. Hold the visitors' attention. Make deals with interested leads. Gather contact details of warm leads. Interact with those contacts before closing the deal.


Quick and convenient call-up of the customer with you. Contact information acquisition. Analyzing the traffic sources.



Automated manager’s call to a customer who has received and read an email newsletter.



Possibility to customize communication with your customers using instant messengers with no need to install any extra software.

Readiness 90%

Actions to get started

To get started, you need to take four simple steps.

  • Quick installation on the website with a single code line

    Installing the code on your site takes less than 5 minutes. You can get connected either by adding a single line to the page code, or by using Google Tag Manager.

  • Convenient customization of the widget design and pop-up window elements

    Control the design of the widget and the pop-up windows. Revise all texts. Localize. View directly in your Personal Account area without reloading the page. When you are happy with the result – publish in seconds.

  • Advanced design of the widget and pop-ups

    Design of both the widget and pop-up windows takes into account current styling trends and will not mar the appearance of your site.

  • Call statistics

    No communication with your company with the help of our widget will be lost. We keep complete records of all calls and record conversations. We capture and show you complete the information about the customer, including the data on his/her source, country, and city, and much more.


Pay only for what you really need!

  • 1

    Callback widget

  • Connection and use of the widget is free. There is a per-second billing of widget calls according to the tariffs. You top up your account for a convenient amount and use the service until the next top up.

  • Price

  • 2

    Send & Call Service

  • Automatic call from a manager or call center to a lead who has received and opened a message from your email newsletter. The tool is very useful for those who communicate with the customer base via mail-outs. It helps to make a newsletter highly effective, calling up the warm leads and "helping" them to perform the desired action – to conclude a deal.

  • Price

    Pay per minute and sms
  • 3


  • Possibility to customize the communication with your customers using instant messengers – with no need to install any extra software.

  • Price

  • 4

    Full suite of tools

  • If you want to use simple and automated marketing for the stable sales growth, we recommend using all said tools together. Thus, they complement each other in a cohesive way and boost your sales. Buying all the tools in one suite, you save 16.5% of the total cost!

  • Price

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Create an ideal system for lead generation by integrating CallIUpper with such systems as:

Bitrix 24

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Customer testimonials

Our satisfied customers will speak for us.

We have an online store with an unusual product – eco-footwear made of hemp. And that is why attracting a customer is a complex and quite expensive process for us. Having analyzed all the promises of CallUpper, we have selected them for one elementary reason – everything they proposed to do is simple, both for marketing and for sales. Moreover, the most important thing is that everything works. Thanks to them, we are able to keep the attention of visitors and to sell more often than we did before.

Tatyana Krause

CEO at ZenStyle

Guys have perfectly thought of everything in CallUpper – from the first contact with the site visitor, a gathering of the necessary contact information, and up to subsequent interactions with a warm lead. Our number of non-returnable visitors has gone down now, while the number of customers is still increasing – not least because of your service! We recommend this service to everyone who appreciates simplicity and efficiency, as well as their time, money, and customers!

Nikolay Turchin


Questions and answers

We have gathered the answers to the most popular questions.

How do we call a customer when he/she opens an email letter?

With this option, the newsletter mail-out becomes operant and more efficient, because you can contact the customer at the message-reading stage and help them to conclude a deal.

How do we turn an interested user into a customer?

It is important to use any marketing tool, including a callback widget, in a reconciled and reasonable way – and ideally its operation should also be automated. In such a case, we turn it into an effective and simplified interaction with the target audience. If you use such tools rationally, you can make the life of your company easier quite significantly and even take delight in the process of customers attracting.

How do businesses lose customers?

The CallUpper callback service team has prepared a series of interesting examples of how businesses lose customers only because users confuse one digit in the phone number that a business indicates on the site.

Why do I need a callback widget on the site?

In the modern world, the quality of communication is crucial, for both the company and the customer. This is exactly the "bridge" that connects the two banks. You do not dare to go along the bridge which has the handrails broken, lacks several planks, and squeaks and swings with each step made, do you? Most likely, not, right?

How CallUpper recommends working with the lead scoring

Lead scoring is a methodology for assessing and ranking each individual lead according to the interest it represents for your business. In simple terms, this is a technique for segmentation of potential customers who are in the sales funnel.

Increasing the online store sales with a callback button

Increasing the online store sales is a key task for any site owner. There is a multitude of options. The only thing is they have varying efficiency. If something worked out well for your friend, it does not mean it will work out well for you. Therefore, to solve the problem you need to thrash out a variety of options. And one of them is the use of a callback widget.

Test it!

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